Reduce disk usage on Debian-based distro.

前陣子因為公司產品上的需求, 客製了一套自己的 distro: V____x, 因為我很懶一些因素選擇直接從 Ubuntu Minimal 出發… 最終 Xorg, Openbox WM 加上公司產品及一些相依套件庫, »

virsh error: Cannot allocate memory

Today I was trying to increase memory size on a qemu-kvm hosted VM. My plan was as simple as shut it down and then change memory setting via virsh edit <VMName>, but both virsh edit and virsh start throws the same error message:

error: cannot fork child process: Cannot allocate memory


My 10 UNIX Command Line Mistakes

致命的指令失誤是每個 linuxer 成長過程中必定有過的經驗, 誰也免不了.

別不信邪, 即使是 Gentoo Portage 的 official ebuild, 也曾經出現過 rm -rf /lalala 誤寫為 rm -rf / lalala , 造成使用者更新套件後系統全毀的慘劇…


Directly access the file system inside a VM disk image

Consider a situation that you want to change some settings i.e. edit some files in VM, it’ll be nice if you don’t have to boot it up then log in to make some changes. So the question becomes how to access the file system inside the VM disk image file?


ImageMagick and the GRUB splash image

Sometimes we have to make our own image for GRUB splash background. But there are some restrictions on that image for GRUB bootloader to accept and display it. By ImageMagick, we have an easy way to convert any image to satisfy that: convert oldsplash.jpg -resample 72 -sampling-factor 2x2 -resize 640x480\! newsplash.jpg Hint: The \! means FORCE, so it maybe breaks original ratio. »